House of Lords

Lord Clement-Jones has been a member of the House of Lords since 1998.

He was Chairman of the Liberal Party from 1986 to 1988 and helped to form the Liberal Democrats from the merger of the Liberal Party and the SDP.

He was Treasurer of the Party from 2005 to 2010.

He successfully piloted the Tobacco Advertising and Sponsorship Bill and the Live Music Bill  from private members bills to becoming law. He also tabled the House of Lords motion that defeated the Government’s plans to award Manchester the UK’s first “super-casino”.

He is a former member of the House of Lords Communications Select Committee and now is the Liberal Democrat Spokesman on the Creative Industries.

Live Music Petition in Downing Street

Lord Clement-Jones, John Whittingdale MP Lord Colwyn and live music campaigners outside Downing Street in 2011 calling for changes to the licensing laws to free up live music performance from unnececcesary red tape.

In October 2012 Lord Clement-Jones’ Live Music Act came into force deregulating the performance of live music in venues with audiences of less than 200 people.This was been increased by the Coalition Government to 500.


Lord Clement-Jones is Deputy Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on China and frequently speaks on topics relevant to UK/China relations both in China and in the UK.

Ambitious About Autism






Lord Clement-Jones is Honorary president of Ambitious About Autism, the national autism education charity and is assisting them with an exciting new project to build Ambitious College, London’s only co-located specialist day college for young people with autism which is now  co-located on the Grahame Park Campus with Barnet and Southgate College and the Pears Campus with Ealing Hammersmith ands West London College.

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